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Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Family Update: Issue 1

So as we entered into 2011, we have ventured new things. We finally found a new church. We found old friends and new friends. The kids are all taking Softball/Baseball this Spring, and they are so excited.
Landon spent five wonderful years at home and now on March 30th I am so excited to announce he will be registering for Kindergarten. The kids and I are building a Vegetable Garden soon. It is so hard to believe that Brianna will be going into 5th grade and Johnny will be going into 2nd. I can't believe it, but my babies are not babies anymore. We have been so blessed this year with family time and health. My husband will be working out of town again, and comming home on the weekends. Please pray for his safety as well as my sanity. As we get more info about our quant little family we will jot it down for you.. keep looking for more posts as they will come soon.